PreAlgebra Universal Set

PreAlgebra Universal Set

Includes everything you need for a successful experience with PreAlgebra:

  • Instruction Manual with complete solutions
  • Instruction DVD
  • Student Workbook
  • Tests booklet
  • Integer Block Kit
  • Algebra/Decimal Insert Kit
  • Lifetime access to our PreAlgebra Digital Pack

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I really enjoy math, but cannot communicate it like her brain needs.æ This year we decided to try Math-U-See's Pre-Algebra (mostly because she is a visual, hands-on learner).æ Now instead of listing math as her least favorite subject, she actually likes it!æ She still has to work hard to understand everything, but Mr. Demme does a fabulous job of making the lessons engaging and interesting.æ My daughter also has a chance to really succeed in math, mastering every lesson (instead of quickly being pushed through a new lesson every day, typical of most math curriculums).æ Thank you for the confidence you've helped her to grow in her math skills.

Submitted by: Lorie B.

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