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Foundation Series

In this discounted bundle, Steve shares his personal journey with God and how it has grown and changed because of his experiences over the past few years. His transparency and...

Speaking the Truth in Love

Most of what I've learned about communication, I acquired in the past few years during transitioning my business to a family owned business. The ability to communicate about difficult topics...

Crisis to Christ

I have wounds, scars, baggage, and stuff from my past, which I have tried to ignore, but which is always present. In 2012 I was confronted with the distressing knowledge...

Knowing God's Love

Comprehending God's unconditional love is the cornerstone for the overarching commands to love God and our neighbor. For we are unable to love until we have first been loved. "We...

Loved to Love

John 15:9 revealed God not only loved the world, He loved me. Jesus says to His disciples, "As the Father has loved me, so have I loved you. Abide in...