B-Jack and Jill Universal Set

Includes everything you need to move your student from the Phonetic stage to the Skill Development stage of spelling, with 36 lessons of Jack and Jill: Instructor's Handbook Introduction to...

B-Jack and Jill Student Pack

The Jack and Jill Student Pack includes two Student Workbooks, a Guide to Handwriting, and a pack of erasable colored pencils. One daily lesson consists of two facing pages. Each...

B-Jack and Jill Instructor's Handbook

The Jack and Jill Instructor's Handbook contains an introduction to the philosophy behind Spelling You See and the five developmental stages of spelling. The handbook also contains a Getting Started...

Guide to Handwriting

To help your student write each printed letter in the most efficient manner, this laminated sheet has all of the letters of the alphabet in upper and lowercase form. We provide...

Erasable Colored Pencils (10-pack)

For use with Spelling You See products, this 10-pack of erasable colored pencils make completing the color-coded "chunking" fun and convenient.