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Beta Student Pack

Equip your student with the Beta pack resources they need to take their learning to the next level. The Beta Student Pack features just the student resources, including the Student...

Beta Instruction Pack

The Beta Instruction Pack features just the resources instructors need to teach this level including the Instruction Manual and Instructional lesson videos on a DVD. In this level, you and...

Beta Digital Pack

Conveniently access the instruction materials you need to complete the Math-U-See Beta level. The user-friendly Digital Toolbox is easy to access and navigate so you and your student can effortlessly...

Integer Block Kit

Build the joy of math with the Math-U-See manipulative blocks. The Integer Block Kit is a 133-piece set that helps students visualize abstract concepts and create mental images that serve...

Skip Count CD & Book

Experience the music of math with the Skip Count CD & Book. This collection of entertaining tunes makes it easy for students to store and retrieve math facts as they’re...