Alpha Level Up Set

Alpha Level Up Set

For customers who already have the required Integer Block Kit, this Set includes Alpha:

  • Instruction Manual with complete solutions
  • Instruction DVD
  • Student Workbook
  • Tests booklet
  • Lifetime access to our Alpha Digital Pack
    • Skip Count Songs MP3s
    • Songbook PDF
$ 91 00 USD
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I can say that I am relieved every time we do math. The [videos] have been life changing for my son and the way he views math. He commented that Math- U-See is like math for right brains. I preview each lesson and sit beside him while he completes each lesson, but he now feels a level of control over the numbers for the first time in his life. The dangling ñcarrotî for him is algebra. The fact that algebraic concepts are included in alpha has him extremely motivated to learn all of the math he can, so that once he gets to algebra, the basics will be second nature to him.

Submitted by: Julie J.

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