Additional Ordering Options

If you want Demme Learning products but you're not an individual homeschooler purchasing for home use in the U.S., you shouldn't be purchasing from our web store. But don't worry - we're happy to help you get exactly what you need, in the best way that's most beneficial to you! Here are some other ways to purchase.

School Sales/Charter Schools

If you are purchasing for a school, including a charter school, please contact our School Sales team. You'll get the right product at the right price, whether you're buying for one or fifteen - or more - students. We can handle your purchase orders, tax-exempt status, questions, and anything else you can throw at us. Here's where to order:

Call 866-440-9706
Fax purchase orders to 815-331-5282

International Authorized Distributors

If you are outside the United States, you can order here:

  • Australia:

    Maths Australia +61-03-8618-6968 +61-08-6313-3948 (WA Customers only)
  • Canada:

    Jacki Knight +1-888-854-MATH (6284) +1-250-590-6761
  • New Zealand:

    LearnEX Educational Services 020 4099 6411
  • Philippines:

    Noel & Tasha Mison +63-917-5010802
  • South Africa:

    Oikos Family Ministries +2761-912-0194
  • United Kingdom:

    Conquest Books +44 1352 382106
    Amazon UK +1-717-283-1448
  • Other International Orders:

    Sales Team +1-717-283-1448

Wholesale Orders